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Rehabilitating Egypt’s Police

It’s been three weeks since Egypt’s police and Central Security Forces (CSF) were defeated and withdrawn from most of Egypt’s streets. Since Mubarak’s departure and the army has been trying to redeploy the Police force back to Egypt’s streets. However, it is naive to think that they can return just like that! Egypt’s police force needs to be redefined, restructured, rehabilitated and rebranded before they can be effectively redeployed. Continue reading

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A Constitutional Roadmap

As the Supreme Military Council appointed a new committee to change the constitution, a wide debate started on the path towards a new constitution for Egypt. There is a consensus that the current constitution needs to be completely revamped, rather than amended. It is inconsistent, incoherent, authoritarian, and lacks the basic guarantees for individual rights, checks and balances, and democratic institutions. The question is how to get there? Continue reading

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Reading the Tea Leaves

In the midst of frustration, anger, and disappointment after Mubarak’s speech, we need to pause understand what is happening. Reading the tea leaves with little facts leaves us only with speculations. Unfortunately, I see a very pessimistic picture that is heading towards more escalation. Continue reading

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Waiting for the “Real” Revolution?

I don’t want to belittle what happened in Egypt over the past two weeks, but I don’t think that the “real” Egyptian revolution has started yet. Let me explain. Continue reading

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As the revolution enters its third week, a new dynamic evolves that is likely to stay for a while. Two sides are entrenched in their positions with a large space in the middle. On one side, Mubarak has asserted his … Continue reading

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