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Is Mubarak’s Regime Back?

“Mubarak’s regime is back, along with its security state and military rule” – a statement that I hear very often these days: from Mubarak loyalists “feloul” celebrating the victory of their “new” revolution against the previous one; from Muslim Brotherhood … Continue reading

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الصراع على مصر

الصراع على مصر الصراع في مصر الان هو بين ثلاث مشاريع مستقبلية، كلٌ يهدف لصياغة رؤية و مشروع وهوية لمستقبل مصر، و ربما المنطقة. ربما تثير التسميات الكثير من الخلاف، لكنها، رغم ما تشمله من تعميم، اقرب للواقع: المشروع الاسلامي و … Continue reading

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The Day After: Election and Its Discontents

In the first free election in decades, Egyptians stood in lines for hours to practice their newly found democratic duty. The (preliminary) outcomes show a landslide victory for the Islamists in the first round of parliamentary elections. What does that mean? Continue reading

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A Deal with the Devil

The army finally reveals their terms to accept a civilian government and free elections: a sovereign military institution and a veto right over the President and Parliament. If we don’t accept their terms, the alternative will be a military president. Continue reading

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A Constitutional Roadmap

As the Supreme Military Council appointed a new committee to change the constitution, a wide debate started on the path towards a new constitution for Egypt. There is a consensus that the current constitution needs to be completely revamped, rather than amended. It is inconsistent, incoherent, authoritarian, and lacks the basic guarantees for individual rights, checks and balances, and democratic institutions. The question is how to get there? Continue reading

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