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Is Mubarak’s Regime Back?

“Mubarak’s regime is back, along with its security state and military rule” – a statement that I hear very often these days: from Mubarak loyalists “feloul” celebrating the victory of their “new” revolution against the previous one; from Muslim Brotherhood … Continue reading

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Re-establishing a Regime vs. Revolution 2.0

In the middle of all the political turmoil and ambiguity, two opposing undercurrents are slowly building up: on the one hand, the previous regime is rebuilding its power and institutions; on the other hand, a mix of political frustration and economically-motivated strikes and protests may bring a second wave of the revolution, mostly directed at the SCAF. And in the background, the context for these two undercurrents is a continuing political ambiguity, and a looming economic collapse. Can we navigate these undercurrents peacefully towards a stable prosperous democratic state? Continue reading

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