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Is Mubarak’s Regime Back?

“Mubarak’s regime is back, along with its security state and military rule” – a statement that I hear very often these days: from Mubarak loyalists “feloul” celebrating the victory of their “new” revolution against the previous one; from Muslim Brotherhood … Continue reading

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An Economy Shutting Down

Egypt’s economy is slowly shutting down under the MB regime, and continuing on the same path is a luxury that we can not afford. Continue reading

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Now, It’s Time to Deliver!

The new MB regime is facing significant economic challenges. The survival of their regime is contingent on their ability to perform economically over the next 6-12 months and to avert an economic crisis that would challenge their political dominance. Continue reading

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Post-Election Reflections

Out of all possible combinations, Egyptians ended up with the worst choice for the second round of the Presidential elections. For the 50% of the country who did not vote for Shafik or Morsi, they face a dilemma from hell. Should they cast their vote to reincarnate the old regime or chose the Ikwan’s spare tire who would open the doors to a theocracy? Before making any meaningful decisions, we probably need to sleep over it, internalize this ironic defeat, and understand what really happened. Continue reading

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