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Egypt and a Complex Regional Dance

News from Cairo and the neighborhood are puzzling: elections delayed; a quick trip to Riyadh by both Sisi and Ardogan; large weapon deals by Egypt; Yemen collapsing into civil war; Isis fiasco; Iranian American negotiations making progress despite Israeli opposition, and many other news. Trying to understand the complex dance that is taking place in our part of the world is not straightforward. Continue reading

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What is Democracy?

This essay is directed to many friends who always use the argument that “voting is democracy” to justify the creation of a different type of tyranny. What is democracy? Some may think this is theoretical and irrelevant; I believe this … Continue reading

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Now, It’s Time to Deliver!

The new MB regime is facing significant economic challenges. The survival of their regime is contingent on their ability to perform economically over the next 6-12 months and to avert an economic crisis that would challenge their political dominance. Continue reading

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Post-Election Reflections

Out of all possible combinations, Egyptians ended up with the worst choice for the second round of the Presidential elections. For the 50% of the country who did not vote for Shafik or Morsi, they face a dilemma from hell. Should they cast their vote to reincarnate the old regime or chose the Ikwan’s spare tire who would open the doors to a theocracy? Before making any meaningful decisions, we probably need to sleep over it, internalize this ironic defeat, and understand what really happened. Continue reading

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The Tragedy of the Brotherhood

The tragedy of the Brotherhood is, not only that they failed to gain power or even legitimacy in over a century, but also that they failed to stand up to their principles and values, when they had the chance to do so. Continue reading

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A Revolution Struggling

14 months later, it seems that the Egyptian revolution is struggling at best, dead at worst. The counter revolution, led by the different elements of the previous regime (most of them still in power), is gaining ground. In this analysis, I’m not trying to be optimistic or pessimistic, but rather to reflect on what happened, and why we got to this point, which may help us all as we think of what is next. Continue reading

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What Does a “NO” Vote Mean?

Next Saturday, we will have the first “free” vote in Egypt in decades…. The referendum on the constitutional amendments. Nobody knows what the final outcome will be, although the odds of a NO vote are increasing. What does this mean? Three things. Continue reading

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