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Rehabilitating Egypt’s Police

It’s been three weeks since Egypt’s police and Central Security Forces (CSF) were defeated and withdrawn from most of Egypt’s streets. Since Mubarak’s departure and the army has been trying to redeploy the Police force back to Egypt’s streets. However, it is naive to think that they can return just like that! Egypt’s police force needs to be redefined, restructured, rehabilitated and rebranded before they can be effectively redeployed. Continue reading

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A Constitutional Roadmap

As the Supreme Military Council appointed a new committee to change the constitution, a wide debate started on the path towards a new constitution for Egypt. There is a consensus that the current constitution needs to be completely revamped, rather than amended. It is inconsistent, incoherent, authoritarian, and lacks the basic guarantees for individual rights, checks and balances, and democratic institutions. The question is how to get there? Continue reading

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The Tipping Point: When Will Change Come to Egypt?

Egyptians are unhappy with their government and the state of the country – nobody can argue against that. However, for any meaningful change to happen, three conditions need to take to take place. Continue reading

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The Economic Cost of Authoritarianism

For three decades, Mubarak made a strong argument that political reforms need to come after economic reforms. He argued that people care about making a living – food, shelter, jobs, education and healthcare – rather than political freedoms. And to reform the economy we need “stability,” as opposed to the chaos that comes with a democratic process. Yet every day that passes shows how flawed this argument is: we are losing both, out political freedoms and our economic livelihood. Why? Continue reading

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Living Under an Ailing President

Regardless of what one may think of Mubarak’s 30 years presidency, his surgery in Germany last March sets a new phase in his presidency, and possibly dominating his legacy. These events usher the beginning of the final phase in President Mubarak’s reign – “living under an ailing president”. Continue reading

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