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الصراع على مصر

الصراع على مصر الصراع في مصر الان هو بين ثلاث مشاريع مستقبلية، كلٌ يهدف لصياغة رؤية و مشروع وهوية لمستقبل مصر، و ربما المنطقة. ربما تثير التسميات الكثير من الخلاف، لكنها، رغم ما تشمله من تعميم، اقرب للواقع: المشروع الاسلامي و … Continue reading

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A Revolution Struggling

14 months later, it seems that the Egyptian revolution is struggling at best, dead at worst. The counter revolution, led by the different elements of the previous regime (most of them still in power), is gaining ground. In this analysis, I’m not trying to be optimistic or pessimistic, but rather to reflect on what happened, and why we got to this point, which may help us all as we think of what is next. Continue reading

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In Army We Trust… or do we?

For a short period of time, the interests of the army and “the revolution” were perfectly aligned, and that’s why they acted in complete harmony. Now, their interests and priorities are starting to diverge, and that’s why the increasing tensions. The challenge for both is to make sure that they can manage this divergence without getting into a full confrontation that would be disastrous for both and for the whole country. Continue reading

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It’s All About Jobs

As the political debate goes on, the other priority that will matters most over the next six months is the economy, specifically, jobs. Continue reading

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